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Some recent favorites from the New York Times...

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>> They lined up in droves — the tweens, the fashion types and the fuccbois — to buy the shirt off Justin Bieber’s back. Adventures in the uncharted territory where concert merch meets high fashion. (July 2016)

>> Vetements, gate-crashers of the fashion industry, are storming haute couture, bringing Hanes, Levi’s and Juicy Couture with them. (July 2016)

>> When Raf Simons met Robert Mapplethorpe. (June 2016)

>> For Daphne Guinness, all the world’s a stage. So she picked up a mic. (May 2016)

>> At the Met Gala, A-Rod meets Kendall Jenner meets Beyoncé meets Megyn Kelly. At the party of the year, even the stars seem starstruck. (May 2016)

>> Discovered by Spielberg at an L.A. bat mitzvah. Beloved by the Coen Brothers, Coppola and Clooney. Alden Ehrenreich is Hollywood’s next big thing — and next Han Solo. (May 2016)

>> Mary Beard, classicist and Cambridge don, battles misogynists and online trolls in her spare time. (April 2016)

>> Grace Coddington: The Fragrance. (April 2016)

>> Fashion loves Supreme. Supreme is wary of fashion. With James Jebbia inside the standoff and inside the store at Paris Fashion Week. (March 2016)

>> Ben Whishaw, doe-eyed poet onscreen, takes on John Proctor, rough-hewn brute onstage. (March 2016)

>> Fashion Weeking with Rihanna, the latest celebrity-turned-designer. (February 2016)

>> Kanye West threw the biggest show of NYFW. Was it the best? (February 2016)

>> When fashion discovered Didion, a boom was (re)born. The enduring chic of St. Joan. (December 2015)

>> Of Beards and Men and True Style take a look at the intricacies and histories of men’s style and grooming. (NYT Book Review, November 2015), the occasional styling gig

Ben Whishaw, doe-eyed poet onscreen, takes on John Proctor, rough-hewn brute onstage. After years of sausage-casing trousers and shrunken jackets, men's suits are loosening up.
The new men's coat is north of normal: a longer, fuller boundary-pusher.

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