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I'm a writer and editor in New York City. (more about me)

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Selected Clips

New and notable clips are in highlight.

Style.com/Print (visit the site)
"Suddenly, Sacai" [PDF] (Spring 2014)
"Royal Family: London's Palace Skateboards Rises" [PDF] (Spring 2014)
"Printed Matter: The Rise of Street Style in Print" [PDF] (Spring 2014)
"Thom Browne's Imaginarium" (Fall 2013)
"Chaos Theory: Comme des Garcons' Rei Kawakubo" (Fall 2013)
"Alexander's Next Top Model: A Runway Star Is Born" [PDF] (Spring 2013)
"The Breakout: Six Days with Joseph Altuzarra" [PDF] (Fall 2012)
"East Side Story: J.W. Anderson's London" [PDF] (Fall 2012)
"Pretty on the Inside: Milan Behind Closed Doors" [PDF] (Fall 2012)
"Boys to Men: Proenza Schouler at 10" [PDF] (Spring 2012)

Style.com (visit the site)
Fashion reviews:
Complete reviews
Current season (Fall 2014)

Feature packages:
"Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Met Gala" (May 2013)

Individual features:
"How the Grunge Stole Christmas" (December 2013)
"Glitter and Be Gay? Addressing the LGBT Influence in Fashion" (October 2013)
"What Is Chic? Investigating Fashion's Favorite Word" (July 2012)
"The Cult of Comme: 12 Devotees In Their Own Collections" (May 2012)
"The Hunter and the Gatherer: Scott Schuman and Garance Doré" (May 2012)
"Rick Owens: A Man and His Monument" (October 2011)
"Glenn O’Brien Has Plenty Of Advice For Men, Just Wants A Laugh With Kate Moss" (April 2011)

The Wall Street Journal (visit the site)
"A Star Is Reborn: The Insiders' Guide to L.A." [.JPG] (February 2011)

M (visit the site)
"The Brothers Ovadia" (Winter 2013)
"Haider Ackermann In Plain Sight" (Fall 2013)

"Dries of Antwerp" (Fall 2013)
"The Rebooters" (Spring 2013)
"One Man Band" (Fall 2012)

Modern Matter (visit the site)
"Joe Brainard: The Collected Collector" [PDF] (Summer 2012)

AnOther Man (visit the site)
"King of Kings: Willem Dafoe, in Conversation with Marina Abramovic" [PDF] (Fall 2012)

Paper (visit the site)
"Ezra Miller: This Is Not A Story About A Wallflower" (September 2012 cover story)
"Mark Duplass: The King of Un-Hollywood" (March 2012)
"I Know You Are, But What Am I? You're A Broadway Star, Pee-wee Herman!" (October 2010 cover story)

Slate (visit the site)
"Chanel Handbags, iPod Nanos, and Decorative Tissues" (December 2009)
"Mr. Manners" (September 2009)

Hero (visit the site)
"New York" (Spring 2013)

L'Officiel Hommes Italia
"Camo/Anti-Camo" (Spring 2013)
"Guerra e Pace" (Fall 2012)

Harper's Bazaar (visit the site)
"Independent Women: Katie Grand" [.JPG] (Runway Report Fall 2011)
"Independent Women: Sophia Neophitou" [.JPG] (Runway Report Fall 2011)
"Independent Women: Suzanne Koller" [.JPG] (Runway Report Fall 2011)
"Independent Women: Penny Martin" [.JPG] (Runway Report Fall 2011)

Men's Journal (visit the site)
"Talking Tailor" (March 2011)

Details (visit the site)
"Six Style Insiders Reveal What They're Giving (And Craving) Right Now" (December 2012/January 2013)
"A Shopper's Guide to Tribeca" (March 2012)
"They've Got Beef: An East Coast-West Coast Food Rivalry Simmers" (October 2010)

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