Some recent favorites from the New York Times...

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>> They lined up in droves — the tweens, the fashion types and the fuccbois — to buy the shirt off Justin Bieber’s back. Adventures in the uncharted territory where concert merch meets high fashion. (July 2016)

>> Vetements, gate-crashers of the fashion industry, are storming haute couture, bringing Hanes, Levi’s and Juicy Couture with them. (July 2016)

>> When Raf Simons met Robert Mapplethorpe. (June 2016)

>> For Daphne Guinness, all the world’s a stage. So she picked up a mic. (May 2016)

>> At the Met Gala, A-Rod meets Kendall Jenner meets Beyoncé meets Megyn Kelly. At the party of the year, even the stars seem starstruck. (May 2016)

>> Discovered by Spielberg at an L.A. bat mitzvah. Beloved by the Coen Brothers, Coppola and Clooney. Alden Ehrenreich is Hollywood’s next big thing — and next Han Solo. (May 2016)

>> Mary Beard, classicist and Cambridge don, battles misogynists and online trolls in her spare time. (April 2016)

>> Grace Coddington: The Fragrance. (April 2016)

>> Fashion loves Supreme. Supreme is wary of fashion. With James Jebbia inside the standoff and inside the store at Paris Fashion Week. (March 2016)

>> Ben Whishaw, doe-eyed poet onscreen, takes on John Proctor, rough-hewn brute onstage. (March 2016)

>> Fashion Weeking with Rihanna, the latest celebrity-turned-designer. (February 2016)

>> Kanye West threw the biggest show of NYFW. Was it the best? (February 2016)

>> When fashion discovered Didion, a boom was (re)born. The enduring chic of St. Joan. (December 2015)

>> Of Beards and Men and True Style take a look at the intricacies and histories of men’s style and grooming. (NYT Book Review, November 2015)

>> Before a new line of Levi’s blue jeans appears in a store, Bart Sights and his team at the Eureka Lab have worked it over but good. (November 2015)

>> Beyoncé, our Garbo. The biggest star in the world is seen, but not heard. (August 2015)

>> Behind the scenes with Vanity Fair’s Jessica Diehl, the woman who laced Caitlyn Jenner into her corset for her big debut. (June 2015)

>> They walked from the street and the subway to the runway. Kevin Amato is the visionary casting director who brought them there. (June 2015)

>> L.A.: Wish Vous Were Here! (May 2015)

>> They were the Met Gala's odd couple of the year. Before the ball, at the Four Seasons when Marc Jacobs met Cher. (May 2015)

>> Lilly Pulitzer for Target: They came, they waited, they went home mad. (April 2015)

>> The great French furniture and lighting designer Pierre Paulin was more than just a Pop artist. Now a new generation is cluing in. (T Magazine, March 2015)

>> "I don’t have the self-proclaimed label 'artist.' If other people say it, it’s very flattering, but if you start to say it yourself, you better forget about it." Karl Lagerfeld sounds off. (March 2015)

>> He appeared from nowhere with money to burn. Two years ago, no one knew Philipp Plein. Now he's the talk of Milan. (February 2015)

>> Tired of the fashion world's constant complaints, a new group of fans cheerleads for maligned Milan. (February 2015)

>> Paris fashion week in the shadow — or lack thereof — of Charlie Hebdo. (January 2015)

>> In seven days, a new collection from scratch. Welcome to Gucci after Frida Giannini, a label in transition. (January 2015)

>> Marc, Karl and Riccardo have all signed on. But is the fashion world at large ready to accept Kendall Jenner as the next great model? (November 2014)

>> For Stéphane Ashpool, the basketball-obsessed creator of Paris' own indigenous streetwear sensation, life and design are grounded in Pigalle. (October 2014)

>> André Balazs's first hotel in London is a constantly-booked, celebrity-packed success—long before it even officially opens. Can the magic last? (September 2014)

>> As Andrej Pejic, he was the androgynous toast of the male modeling world, a punk prince often in a dress. But post-transition and with an elegant new image, will the fashion world accept Andreja Pejic as a woman? (September 2014)

>> For New York's non-drivers, summer is anxiety season, a time of weekends away, country weddings and a triumvirate of head-for-the-hills holidays.
(August 2014)

>> "I had never been around a woman that wielded that kind of power." Ford Models discuss the legacy of Eileen Ford. (July 2014)

>> At London's fledgling men's fashion week, the old guard and the new meet—and smile. (June 2014)

>> Mel Ottenberg: The man who made Rihanna a fashion icon. (May 2014)

>> Every major fashion conglomerate is chasing the HENRY (High Earner, Not Rich Yet), a marketer's fantasy of the big-spending fashion guy. But if you name him, will he buy? (April 2014)

>> The search for Jay Ott, a missing Brooklyn designer. (April 2014)

>> After a messy break from Balenciaga, the most influential designer of his generation arrives at the jewel in LVMH's crown. The debut of Nicolas Ghesquière at the house of Louis Vuitton. With John Koblin. (March 2014)

>> Her suicide shocked the fashion world. But for L'Wren Scott, her identity was by design. With Jacob Bernstein and Guy Trebay. (March 2014)